Creating Smarter Malls

Kathija Mahomed

Kathija Mohomed
Portfolio Manager

Facilitating and managing the interests of Primedia Unlimited Malls whilst simultaneously endeavouring to meet the marketing expectations of mall owners is no easy task though Kathija handles the challenge with optimism.

Within her five years at Primedia Unlimited Malls and as the Rights Portfolio Manager, Kathija has built irreplaceable relationships and received numerous accolades from mall owners for her service excellence, often exceeding expectations through providing shopper marketing and innovative digital branding and solutions. She is completely immersed in the retail sector, always seeking valuable insights to aid her clients in making the right business decisions, with several retail and management certifications under her belt.

An esteemed professional with ten years of experience in the industry, Kathija has developed her career creating and implementing industry leading solutions which has consequently achieved desired outcomes of stakeholders. Emerging as a natural leader, with a sharp eye for detail and always keeping informed of innovation, she ensures the high standards she helped set are maintained.

With her children as her main source of motivation, Kathija’s constant strive to develop professionally has provided her with the foundation to achieve sustainable success within the industry.

 Email  Tel: 010 300 5297